Box of 6 Grab'n'Go Madeleines

    Box of 6 Grab'n'Go Madeleines

    • The myth is that in in the 18th Century, Louis XV and his wife, Maria, were so charmed by the pastries of Madeleine Paulmier that they brought the small vanilla, shell-shaped cakes to Versailles where they became much beloved by the Royal Family and the rest of France. Patisserie Vanessa carries on this tradition with their classic Madelines so you too can have a taste of French history.

    • This package includes 18 Madelines

      • Madelines are packed in sachets of 3, made for sharing on indulging on the go
      • Each Madeline measures 2.5"
      • Madelines arrive in a beautiful pink box, perfect for a gift
      • All pastries are freshly baked the day they are shipped